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Friends: Rachel's Book

by Dudeman85 04/05/05

Friends: Deleted Scenes - Rachel's Book

"Hello, Zelda."

Rachel was sitting at the counter and looked up from the checkbook she was balancing. She saw Joey, standing by the door to his room. He was wearing a hockey helmet, gloves, and shin guards. All evening, Joey had been teasing her over the erotic novel he had found in her room earlier that day.

"Who are you supposed to be?" she asked with marginal toleration.

"The vicar!"

"Do you even know what a vicar is?" Rachel asked, already knowing the answer.

"Like a goalie, right?"

"Yeah," said with sarcastic agreement. Then she went on, showing her frustration. "Look Joey, it's enough all right?! You keep making these stupid jokes and this sleazy innuendoes and it's... I'm not... it's just not funny anymore!"

"All right, I'm sorry. Rach I... Rach I'm sorry." Joey moved across the room toward her, but she just stood and started walking to her room. "Okay? I'm sorry! Maybe I can make up for it by..." He couldn't stifle his giggles as he finished his sentence. "...taking you roughly in the barn."

Rachel turned and gave him a challenging look. "All right! Y'know what? That's it! You wanna do it?! Let's do it!"

"Huh?" he replied, uncertain he was hearing her correctly.

She started to move closer to him. "That's right, I wanna do it with you! I've been trying to fight it, but you just said all the right things."

Joey backed away from her, until he bumped into the counter. He placed a stool between them as he replied, "I-I-I-I did?"

She moved the stool out of the way and advanced on him. "Yeah! Ohh, I've been waitin' so long to get on that body!"

"This body?" he said, backing into the kitchen with a demeanor of obvious discomfort at the situation.

"Yeah that's right!" Rachel affirmed as she prowled toward him. "Come on Joey; sex me up!"

The words stumbled out of his mouth as he stepped backward. "Hey-hey, you're startin' to sound like the butcher's wife there in... in chapter seven."

"Oh, come on now, don't keep me waiting," she said enticingly as she closed the distance between them. "Get those clothes off! But, I would keep that helmet on because you're in for a rough ride!"

Joey backed into the door, unable to get away from his aggressive roommate. "I don't want to, I'm scared," he said quietly.

Rachel feigned sweet innocence. "Ohhh... come on, Joey. How could a big strong man like you be scared of little ol' me?" She moved in close to him, caressing his cheek. "Is your head telling you 'No'..." Her hand moved down to his crotch. "... while your head is telling you 'YES!"?"

Joey could only stammer as Rachel fondled him through his pants. She smiled as she stared deep into his eyes, making him even more nervous. He had never been with a woman this assertive, and he really didn't know how to act. The sexy blonde decided to use the turned-tables to her full advantage. Her mouth slammed against his as she forced a kiss on him. His head went back into the door, with a loud thud.

"See?" she said with a nasty smile, "Told ya you'd need that helmet."

Rachel pressed her breasts into his chest, her body pushing him against the door. With this and her continued handling, the flesh in his pants was soon a firm rod.

"I see that SOME part of you is saying 'yes'," she said as she kept rubbing up and down the length of the bulge in the fabric. "Hmmm... let's see what the great Joey Tribbiani has to offer me."

She slipped both hands inside the front of his pants. "Ohmigod," he mumbled.

"What's wrong, Joey?" she asked in her innocent voice.

"Well, it's just that... your hands are cold," he said, embarrassed.

"Oh, well how about we just warm them up. I hear that rubbing is good for warming the hands."

The slim fingers of her right hand wrapped around his shaft, as her left hand slid lower and cupped his balls. She began slowly caressing Joey, eliciting a whimper that she'd never heard from him before. She continued staring at him, watching his reactions.

"Is that better?" she asked with her knowing little smirk.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, trying to look anywhere but into Rachel's eyes.

"I don't think my hands are quite warm enough yet. I better keep rubbing them, huh?"

"OH yeah," was his energetic answer.

Joey couldn't believe that his hot girl-roommate was giving him a handjob. He'd always considered her sexy, but he never realized how erotic she could be. He closed his eyes, as he concentrated on the hands in his pants. The gentle stroking. The soft touches. He wondered if he should feel guilty... if somehow he should be thinking about someone other than his friend, Rachel... even though it was her who was masturbating him. He had joked about it sometimes, but he never thought that they would ever...

"Oh, no," Rachel said with false disappointment.

"What?" he asked.

"I think my hands made him cold. I guess I just have to warm him up some other way, huh? And maybe introduce myself. What's his name? 'The Little General'?"

Without waiting for a response, her body slithered down his. She pushed his pants down as she went. The side of her head rested on his pelvis as she spoke to his penis.

"Hello, Mr. General. My name's Rachel. It's so nice to meet you. Mind if I give you a little kiss?"

A quick smooch to the side soon became a barrage of wet open-mouth kisses all over Joey's shaft. Her manicured nails gently slid along the skin of his sack, his balls held tightly within.

"Hmmm," she said with a pause, "I wonder if this big, hard dick will even fit inside my little mouth? Hmmm... but ya know, Joey, there's only one way to find out."

Joey felt his head immediately engulfed in warm wetness. "AAAWWWWHHHH," Joey groaned as he cradled her head in the gloves, mussing her hair. His gaze shifted from the middle of the ceiling, downward to his friend. The magnificent sight of his hard dick inside Rachel's mouth. Her lips wrapped firmly around it. Stunning blue-green eyes looking up at him.

Rachel purred her pleasure at what she'd found, and soon was sliding her mouth back and forth on it. She pulled it out with a pop, then began licking all around the shaft. Back in her mouth for a few quick bobs, then out again, with her tongue taking over the duties.

As she put him back in her mouth, she gave a fast pulsed sucking to the head and stroked the shaft rapidly in time. Joey was nearly hyperventilating at the sensations. He tried to push back the nervousness, but truly he wasn't sure if he should let her do everything... or if he should start fucking her mouth. After all, it WAS Rachel... one of his best friends. He didn't want her to think he was taking advantage of her. His questions faded away as Rachel pushed her lips as far down his shaft as they could go, until his head nudged against the back of her throat. She kept him there, sucking almost his entire dick.

"Oh shit," he whimpered. Rachel glanced up at him with smiling eyes. She pulled back, until his head was barely in her mouth. Then with resolve, Rachel began fucking her mouth with Joey's cock. Back and forth, again and again, coaxing him onward. Finally, when she noticed his moans becoming more impassioned, she stopped.

"Yep. That should do it. I think he's all warm again," she said matter-of-factly, as she licked her lips.

"Aaw, Raach-el," he began a whining protest as she stood.

"Oh, I've got more in mind for you," she declared, her hand continuing it's rubbing. "But you wouldn't be any good to me, if you came in my mouth, now would you?"

Listening to her and staring in her eyes, he slowly shook his head, matching her own motions, as if he was mesmerized.

"Did you like my blowjob, Joey?"

They nodded together.

"Did you like having your cock in my mouth? Did it feel good? Uh huh? Good. Because YOU are going to make me feel REALLY good. Now pull your pants up and come with me, Joey. YOU are going to take me roughly in my bedroom."

Rachel led him through the living room by his hard cock.

"Oh, lose the gloves," she ordered.

They fell from his hands to the floor. Rachel led Joey into her room and closed the door behind him.

"Let's see," she started, as she walked around him, surveying her new toy. "How do I want my stable boy..."

"But I thought I was the vicar," Joey interrupted.

"Oh no, Joey. You're not the vicar. I'm Zelda, and you're my stable boy. I guess you didn't get that far in my book, huh?"

"Well, no," he admitted, "I just kinda skipped around, finding the good stuff."

"Oh, well, this is the good stuff," she said. "You see, Zelda's father, the vicar, owns a stable of horses. And he employs a strapping young man to care for the steeds." Joey gave her a questioning look. "A steed is a horse, Joey." Seeing his nod of understanding, Rachel moved around behind him. "So... since he works for her father, Zelda gets to do whatever she wants with the stable boy. First, Zelda strips him..."

As she said this, Rachel unstrapped the hockey helmet and pulled it off Joey's head. Squatting behind him, she unstrapped his shin guards and tossed them to clatter into the corner. She gave a good squeeze to both cheeks of his butt, on her way up. Next, she pulled his red sweatshirt over his head, and then his charcoal grey t-shirt. Rachel ran her hands across his bare shoulders and back, then went around front to caress his chest.

"So let's just get you nice and naked for me," she said, pushing his pants and briefs down to his knees.

She stepped into the crotch of the clothes and pressed them the rest of the way down to his ankles. Obeying her order, Joey pulled his feet out and was nude, except for his socks.

"Socks, too," she told him, pointing down. "No stable boy is going to bang me, unless he's completely naked."

The socks soon were gone, and Joey stood there, trying not to act self-conscious.

"You, uh, you gonna get naked too?" he asked somewhat nervously.

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